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Jerry Dunn - America's Marathon Man
Running Man

"Don't Limit Your Challenges - Challenge Your Limits" - Jerry Dunn

Jerry Dunn
Acceleraded in Colorado!

Jerry Dunn's accomplishments can be found on the Achievements page. Visit Personal Info for some of Jerry's thoughts and philosophy. Check out the Media page with links to articles in newspapers and magazine's covering the feats of America's Marathon Man. The Gallery page contains selected pics of Jerry Dunn "on the run" across America.

RACE DIRECTOR - Jerry Dunn is very excited about the Marathon that he launched in 2002 in the Black Hills of South Dakota; The Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon. The 6th annual race will be June 2nd, 2007. There is tremendous excitement over the race from many runners. Visit the web site to find out why.

Jerry has made himself available for motivational speaking engagements, guest appearances at fitness related trade shows and athletic events, or any other setting that could benefit from his unique and inspiring story. Request an appearance by Jerry Dunn with your group or event at Dunn For Hire.

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Still quite an accomplishment! Jerry realized his goal to run 200 marathon distances in the year 2000. 17 official races ‐ 183 solo treks. Read all about it in 200 IN 2000!

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